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Significant Savings in Oil and Water Separation

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The Challenge:

A large oil refinery in the US committed to safety, the environment, and continuously improving performance began a cost-cutting initiative in 2013. The Refinery management team tasked the waterside chemical supplier, an existing Dober partner, to reduce chemical spending plant wide and improve wastewater treatment plant efficiency. Dober’s partner decided to focus on finding a new coagulant for treating the oily waste streams at the PSO and IGF units within the wastewater treatment plant.


The Refinery’s waterside chemical supplier spent the first several months bench testing traditional synthetic and inorganic coagulants such as, polyDADMAC, polyamine, and alum blends with little to no improvement over the existing polyDADMAC/PAC blend being used. After attempting to find a solution on their own, the waterside chemical supplier presented this challenge to its partner Dober, the industry leader in custom formulated natural coagulant and flocculant chemistries with over 25 years of research, innovation, and success.


The Solution:

Dober’s Water Treatment Division treats every partner’s challenge with the highest level of customer service, close attention to detail, continuous validation, and custom formulations of our GreenFloc natural coagulant product line. The GreenFloc product line consists of environmentally friendly, natural coagulants for use in a wide variety of water treatment applications. GreenFloc natural coagulants provide better performance, reduce overall use cost, and are significantly less toxic to the environment.


Dober’s GreenFloc natural coagulant, GFT 6173, was specifically developed for treating the oily waste streams at the PSO and IGF units at this particular refinery. After developing GFT 6173, Dober validated product performance with in-house bench studies over the course of several months. In-house bench studies allowed Dober to validate GFT 6173’s performance on a multitude of wastewater samples from the refinery to ensure we had consistent performance with every type of oily waste stream encountered in the full-scale application. Dober also gauged GFT 6173’s performance against the existing treatment and all other traditional synthetic and inorganic coagulant blends. After validating product performance and dosage requirements in our world-class laboratories, the product was brought on-line for a full-scale, two-month trial period. Improved product performance and a reduction in chemical costs were realized during the two-month trial period.

The Results:

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Dober’s GreenFloc natural coagulant technology successfully reduced Aeration Inlet COD by 20%, Aeration Inlet Oil/Grease by 44%, and average monthly spend by roughly $35,000 - greatly improving the refinery's emulsified oil treatment process. These results allowed the new natural coagulant to be put into service full-time and has continued the same great sustainable performance day-in and day-out. 


When it comes to finding innovative solutions for the most challenging wastewater treatment applications, turn to Dober first. Dober’s work, not only as a supplier but also as an innovative customer solutions partner, is why we are the industry leaders in natural coagulant and flocculant technology.


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