Application of Controlled Release Technology - Comfort Cooling for a Bank Building, Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted by Dober Corporate Website on Nov 1, 2016 2:13:59 PM
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Solid chemistry is a great alternative to liquid chemistry. A bank building cooling system was previously treated with paste, but had seen failures due to inconsistent control. The paste feeders can vary feed with demand, but due to the fact that they dissolve the product and make a concentrated solution, pumping is still necessary so complexity increases over traditional liquid chemistries and some of the benefits seen by employing controlled release aren’t realized.



The controlled release has been very successful in this application with the LSI controlled at 2.3 – 2.5 and has provided corrosion rates of <1 mpy for mild steel and <0.1 mpy for copper while keeping the heat exchanger surfaces clean. Not only was this a simple process, but the elimination of using paste as a solution required less monitoring and increased cost savings overall.


Miles Stoffer

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