Application of Controlled Release Technology - University in Miami, Florida

Posted by Dober Corporate Website on Nov 2, 2016 1:07:13 PM
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With larger cooling systems, sometimes variables can be quite difficult to assess. However, Smart Release can provide reliable solutions for all types of cooling towers. A university located in Miami, Florida has a larger system at the upper end of the application range at 2000 tons that runs up to 80% of design. The motivation for controlled release was to get away from handling hazardous chemicals. The program also targets a Langelier Saturation Index of < 2.5 to prevent scaling.



Corrosion rates for mild steel have been 0.5 mpy and corrosion rates for copper have been <0.1 mpy while running at 5 – 6 cycles. According to these results, the application has experienced no failures.



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Topics: Cooling Tower Treatment Case Studies