Application of Controlled Release Technology - Corporate Office Complex in Brea, California

Posted by Dober Corporate Website on Nov 1, 2016 2:15:03 PM
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A corporate office complex in Brea, California needed to find a safer way to handle dangerous chemicals in their cooling towers. This complex has several buildings and a total of five cooling towers ranging from 150 – 300 tons.

Prior to using the current technology, personnel had to move hazardous chemicals through office space and use ropes to hoist pails to the application point. In addition to the safety concerns, the site was having issues with metering pump reliability and having bacteria, scaling, and corrosion issues as the result of chemical feed reliability. These programs were changed to controlled release technology in 2012 with excellent results. The program targets a Langelier Saturation Index of < 2.5 to prevent scaling.


Corrosion rates for mild steel have been consistently ≤0.9 mpy and corrosion rates for copper have been <0.1 mpy. The facility management team and operations personnel are extremely satisfied with the performance and safety improvements provided by the controlled released technology. Eliminating liquid chemistry and going solid effectively solved several safety and reliability concerns for this office complex.


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