Simple Blending

Posted by Dober Corporate Website on Oct 13, 2016 3:13:39 PM
Dober Corporate Website

The Challenge:

A company was frequently purchasing raw chemicals from local suppliers that do not provide technical support. The blender dissolves the chemicals in water and glycol, which takes several hours.



The Solution:

The company chose to make the switch to Dober’s Super Syrup coolant additives. After making the switch, this customer has reported several advantages:

  • Inventory cost savings: eliminates the need to carry numerous chemicals
  • Increased employee safety: decreases the risk of workers touching hazardous chemicals and ingesting dangerous fumes
  • Increased productivity: blending time is reduced by needing only a small amount of super syrup
  • Saved effort: only need to purchase a single drum instead of several different chemicals
  • Improved consistency: simple blending procedures provide consistent results

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