Cleaning Sunscreen with SPF

Posted by Dober Corporate Website on Oct 20, 2016 9:00:04 AM
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500 Gallon Vessel with In-Tank Homogenizer & Process Tank CIP

The Challenge: 

The current cleaning process is inefficient, timely and costly. The inefficient process is labor intensive that takes 7-24 hours, uses spray balls to deliver detergent that increases labor and time, microbial concerns due to traditional detergent not providing effective cleaning, and uses water temperatures of 88C.


The Solution: 

Utilize Chematic detergent to create a more efficient process. Using Chematic detergent, we hope to achieve:

  • a validated state
  • to increase operating efficiencies
  • to clean personal care products properly
  • improved safety
  • a full technical data package


The Results:

Using Chematic detergent reduced the cleaning time by 85% (3.5 hours vs 7-24 hours). Utilized CIP process and used minimal manual labor that resulted in safer operations. Detergent completely dissolved the residue and decreased the temperature to 70C (13%).

Topics: Formulated Detergents Case Studies