Cleaning Lotion With SPF

Posted by Dober Corporate Website on Oct 3, 2016 2:55:45 PM
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Stand Alone CIP with a 6000 Gallon Vessel and In-Line Homogenizer

The Challenge:

The current cleaning process is inefficient, timely and costly. The inefficient process takes up to 9 hours, needs additional labor, and residual haze is left on equipment.


The Solution: 

Utilize Chematic detergent to create a more efficient process. It reduced the time, labor, and left no residue behind.


The Results: 

Using Chematic detergents reduced the cleaning time to 3 hours (67%), created a CIP process that decreased labor and increased production capacity. The new process left zero residue behind and passed the validation process.

Topics: Formulated Detergents Case Studies