Mining & Mineral Processing - Process Water Treatment

Posted by Dober Corporate Website on Oct 17, 2016 11:28:22 AM
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The Challenge:

Process water is used in industrial plants, industrial processes and production facilities following extensive water pretreatment such as softening or demineralizing. The objective of treatment to process water is to be able to recycle the water for reuse and feedback into the industrial process. Process water created from the mining and mineral processing industry is commonly contaminated with suspended solids, metals acids and salts.

The Solution:

  • Water treated: Wash water, effluent and run-off, heavy solids, clays, and biomaterials.
  • Chemistry used: GFT 4900
  • Chemistry replaced: polyDADMAC
  • New dosage: 4-10ppm
  • Old dosage: 20-35ppm

The Results:

The use of GFT 4900 resulted in significantly faster settling time and reduced sludge volume. The lower dose requirement reduced overall treatment cost by 10%. GFT 4900 is able to coagulate tough-to-treat clay and produced larger and denser floc particles, resulting in increased water clarity and color removal (from clays).


Topics: Water Treatment Case Studies