Antifreeze Colors

Posted by Dober Corporate Website on Oct 25, 2016 9:06:51 AM
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Debunking the ongoing myth that color depicts the quality of coolantUsing color to identify a coolant can really only be useful for OEM, factory-fill coolants. In the aftermarket, there are simply too many variations for color to be a useful determinant. Free markets offer lots of competition. As such, there will always be variation in the quality of products and producers in a particular market. For example, a product that is reportedly made from “virgin” materials may not meet industry specifications and may have questionable performance. The true question of quality is the responsibility of individual companies to ensure that the products they produce are governed by a quality process. 


Dober has used Keystone Keyacid FL Green 6040 for many years in our green dyed antifreeze additives. Dober selected this specific green dye due to its low chloride content, thermal stability, and pH stability in finished pre-mixed antifreeze. This dye has out-performed others in our testing. Although the color of the antifreeze product may be lighter in color than others on the market, the color is stable at engine operating temperatures and is long lasting. It is equally important to know that the color (either lighter or darker) of the antifreeze product is not linked to inhibitor performance in any way. Protection against corrosion and scaling are directly linked to the type and concentration of inhibitors used in the antifreeze additive package.




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